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  1. Most miért, lehet ez egy nagyon korrekt trailer is, hacsak azt nézzük, Lynch legtöbb filmjéhez milyen előzetest lehet csinálni. :) Amúgy az a nyulas rész is elég wtf. A Rabbits egy különálló munkája volt, nem?

  2. a történet röviden:

    Nikki Grace (Laura Dern) is a Hollywood actress on the brink of landing a star role in movie called On High In Blue Tomorrows. But a disturbing visit from a new “neighbor” (Grace Zabruski) fills Nikki with fear. The neighbor warns that someone will be brutally murdered in the movie, even though there isn’t a murder in the script. Nikki then receives a call from her agent and is told she has booked the lead role. Production begins and following a rehearsal in a film studio, the director (Jeremy Irons) tells Nikki that On High In Blue Tomorrows is in fact a remake of a film that was never finished. The original was plagued by a “curse” which resulted in the lead actors being murdered. Nikki becomes increasingly worried, especially when they hear an intruder inn the studio who strangely disappears. Meanwhile, co-star Devon Berk (Justin Theroux) is warned not to become romantically involved with Nikki, a task that may be difficult with the couples scripted romance yet to be filmed. In the frightening scenes that follow, the line between “reality” and illusion becomes increasingly blurred as Nikki suffers confusion and finds herself trapped in a nightmarish world she desperately needs to escape.

  3. digitalis kameraval csinaltak, mi? (most ugrik be, vhol olvastam, h lynch mar csak azzal forgat.) utalom, hanyinger, amilyen kepet csinal.

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