Minden nerd-nek jó csaja van/lesz, ha elég romantikus, vagy lefejeli, vagy leitatja, vagy sír a lakosztájában.

2009. 04. 30. 01:50

17 hozzászólás a “Apatow-világban” bejegyzéshez

  1. Knocked up, Superbad, FSM, Walk Hard, 40 year old virgin, Superbad, Anchorman.

    In An Apatow World

    Take a look over here, won’t you take a look at me
    I’m nothing special, nothing much to see
    I got a weird scruffy beard and a big beer gut
    I smoke herb all day, I’m a loser but

    There’s a place I know where I can land
    Any woman with a sweep of my chubby hand
    A magic place where girls aren’t guarded
    All you need to be is socially retarded

    In an Apatow world
    You could be my girl
    I’ll be Seth Rogen
    you’ll be Kate Heigel

    You’re not out of my league
    Stoner is the new stud
    Cuz a loser is a winner
    In this world of Judd

    Now my job’s unique and it seems bizarre
    Ugly guys aren’t anchors or rock stars
    My friends are lame but important to me
    In fact the same guys are in all of these movies

    But despite all that I catch your eyes
    and you’re charmed by my wit to my surprise
    Somehow you love it when I talk to you shyly
    Even though I look like John C Reilly

    In an Apatow world
    You would be my girl
    You’ll be Mila Kunis
    I’m Jay Siegel

    We will have a big fight
    But no bad blood
    Cuz it all ends happily
    In this world of Judd

    I think you got it twisted dude, I’m kind of mystified
    That these unrealistic movies have blinded both your eyes
    To the cold reality of basic sexual attraction
    Jonah Hill only lands Emma Stone after ‘action’

    At the end of the day you’re a gross man-boy slob
    And you’ve played your PS3 longer than you’ve held a job
    So I won’t be your Applegate, your Fischer nor your Keener
    You should take that hairy Ferrell *** to the cleaners

    But in an Apatow world
    Yeah, I’d be your girl
    I’d run my perfect fingers
    Through that Jew-fro curl

    And the losers in the crowd
    Now know they have a chance
    Nevermind being awkward
    All you need is romance

    But before we conclude
    Lemme have the last word
    You would never touch this
    In the actual world
    Post from Sarah Schneider on collegehumor.com

  2. So trúú:D De az igazsághoz hozzátartozik, hogy a legtöbb Apatow filmen legalább annyire röhögök, mint ezen a videon (nagyon :D).

  3. Köszikösziköszi! Ez valami haláli volt :D Fülbemászó dallama van, nem bírom abbahagyni a dúdolását :D

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