Joss Whedon Assembles ‘The Avengers’

Akit érdekel, a yahoonál egy elég hosszú interjú olvasható Whedonnal az Avengers kapcsán. Kicsit tipikus szagú.

I have heard from people who have worked with him before that Robert Downey Jr. likes to keep things sort of fresh and fast. How did your two methods of working fit into each others’?

Whedon: Well, we have very different methods. But working as a showrunner, working as a script doctor, working in sitcoms — a lot of my work has been coming up with stuff on the fly. Like fixing as we go, improvising, being open to a new idea. So Robert and I would spend — we worked specifically towards both of our processes, so that we would beat out a scene so that he was very comfortable with where it was going or what was being said and very aware of where it would fit in the whole. And I would give him stuff to say, and by and large, he would say it.

But then there were always pockets where we had some wiggle room for him to play, or ask for options, and if he said, “Can we do something else here?” I could give him four or five options by the time he had his makeup on. Because that’s actually fun for me, that frantic scramble.

2011. 11. 18. 15:45

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  1. Tényleg kicsit tipikus de azért említ pár dolgot aminek örülök. Pl hogy odafigyeltek, hogy az akcióknak is legyen értelmük és rendes helyük, céljuk a filmben. Remélem ez majd meglátszik a végterméken is.

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